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Please allow me to introduce myself i‘m a man of wealth and taste… (props to the stones at this point) 
So, hi, I‘m Pumi, an analog photographer. I try to capture my surroundings on film. My photographic style is like my personality: chaotic and wild. 
So now, let‘s have a look at my work, I hope you‘ll enjoy it.


my name is max strohmeier.

what fascinates me about photography is capturing moments.
might sound trivial – but just a few months ago i realized that i have aphantasia (means i struggle with imagining things), which seems to be an important key to explain what photography means to me: it gives me the ability to freeze moments, capture them on the long-term.

moreover, what fascinates me about the whole analog process of working in the darkroom is it’s character of handcraft, the production of “unique pieces”.

for quite a long time, i worked with coffee as a film and paper developer.
in the meanwhile i mainly use coffee for my prints and as fertilizer when gardening.


Hi my name is Kamíla and I am a professional dog petter and in my free time I like to take photos. 

My photography journey started with film photography. Though I tried to work with a digital camera, the process didn’t feel quite the same and I decided to pour my heart (and money) into analog photography. 

It taught me patience and that good things take time. I enjoy capturing only a fraction of the photos my digital colleagues take while still being satisfied with my work, cherishing every single photo which works out. 

Anyway, that’s me. I better get back to my furry friend, as she is very impatient when it comes to pats.


Hi, my name is Onkar. Born and raised in England, I now reside in Vienna.

I have been fascinated with analogue photography for many years now, it started when I developed my first roll, and it sure led me deep into the film rabbit hole! I prefer the tactile nature of this process, from bulk loading film to printing a final image, one that I feel is missing with the digital medium.

I love the hustle and bustle of large cities where I am drawn to capturing candid moments and fleeting scenes.



I’m Antonia, Toni, Gisi, whatever you want to call me. I would say I am the apprentice of “Die rote Kammer”. I just bought my first analog camera a few months ago. My light meter doesn’t work, so I’m grateful for any photo where you can see something. Hope you enjoy my work.


Hey I’m Ines Gadermaier. I photograph aesthetically artistic concepts, street photography and sociocritical topics like feminism. Photography is becoming my profession, while I am doing my master’s degree in Art History. I love to evolve and am stoked to see how being part of this beautiful collective will influence my career as an artist.


My name is Kevin Geronimo Brandtner, simply K.G.B. or Mo!

I find street photography and reportage photography particularly interesting. In the beginning, I did a lot of research in literature and photographic history to develop my own approach. I still read a lot to find out what my point of view is. What I’ve started to do consistently is to stand on the street for hours and do what is probably one of the most important things: I watch narrowly. I observe, I process and I think about what actually fascinates or captivates me and why.

At the moment, I’m photographing people who are ignored, neglected and marginalised by most of society, but also demonstrations and people moving through the world in their everyday lives.
I’m interested in long-term projects, but also in walking the streets at night with a simple point&shoot camera.

I think the most important thing is to be open and I think that’s what I am….the rest comes naturally!


P_assion: analog-photography
A_vocation: wannabe-photographer
T_echnique: streetphotography
R_esidence: vienna
I_nterests: all kinds of analog stuff
C_ompetence: amateur in all kinds of
K_nowledge: a little bit of nothing


Mainly observing, usually exploring – body, movement and textures.
Always in between – darkroom, dance and words.

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